Monday, October 29, 2012

Excursion to Santander 

I hesitate in calling this past weekend a trip; considering I didn't leave the country, not to mention the brevity of our stay, excursion seemed more fitting. At any rate, I spent the past weekend in the northern Spanish city of Santander as the second of my two Suffolk-sponsored "trips," the first being the welcome/orientation trip to Salamanca. The north of Spain is considerably greener than the south, not to mention much more mountainous. Granted it was also much wetter than Madrid, but it was well worth shuffling through the drizzle. We had the chance to tour the small medieval town of Santillana del Mar, as well as two of the ancient caves the north of Spain is famous for, and our hotel in Santander was a mere 5 minutes from the beach. And so, without further ado:

Palace of the Magdalena, which overlooks the ocean.

Street view of Santillana del Mar

The north of Spain is well known for its milk and all milk products, and this giant bar of chocolate was well worth 2.50.

 We weren't technically supposed to be taking photos in the caves, but luckily I was able to take a few without blurring them. 

From our brief (rather anticlimactic) visit to the city center

The beach at night...the weird thing about October being that the ocean water is still warm, and in this case it was warmer than the air

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