Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trip to Germany

As the title suggests I recently took a 4-day trip to the Rhineland, which is, especially this time of year, absolutely breathtaking. I stayed with a family I met two years ago through an exchange program, and they were kind enough to welcome me into their home again this time around. Although I wasn't able to stay nearly as long as I liked, I was able to tour the cities of Bonn and Cologne, as well as the small town of Rheinbach nearest to their home. Below is a sort of photo diary of my excursions there; image-heavy, but includes food documentation as well. Enjoy. 

View of the Rhine river.

The small dog pictured in the photos above is named "perro"--my host family adopted him on their last trip to Mallorca, about eight years ago.

The famous Cologne cathedral offers visitors a chance to climb 509 steps to the its topmost tower (not pictured). It took my host sister and I about 20 minutes to make it to the top, but the view was well worth the effort. 



The most common form of water in Germany is sparkling mineral water...I'm not a fan personally, but it is refreshing.

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