Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome Trip to Salamanca

 As students here at SUMC we only have a few days to settle into Madrid before being whisked away to an all-expense-paid trip to the lovely city of Salamanca--a stipulation no one seemed to mind. At the end of the four days there's not much to say that can't be better explained in pictures. Without further ado:

Few things can compare to standing in an ancient cathedral; the feeling is indescribable. Even as someone with a secular background I could actually feel the change in atmosphere once we entered the building. And the architecture...really spectacular. 

The view from the top of the cathedral.

The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca.

Horseback riding at Valverde Finca.


A few shots from La Alberca, an old medieval town outside of Salamanca. 

Last but not :) Afternoon coffee and cheescake, late-night crepes, and early evening tapas.

Overall a great trip...but definitely glad to be back in Madrid. Looking forward to exploring the city this week; more to come soon.

**NOTE: If any of the photos aren't showing up in your browser, right click + show image should do the trick.  

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