Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spanish Breakfast

Food is an integral part of Spanish culture. Eating itself is a much more formal affair than it is in the states; rarely do you see people eating while walking, in the subway, etc., as most people set aside enough time to sit down for their meals. Of the three set meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), breakfast is typically the smallest. Most Spanish take only a coffee and a small pastry in the morning. Lunch is served late in the day, around 1 pm at the very earliest and 4:30-5 at the latest. Consequently, dinner is also served later, usually at 9 or 10. In our host family, breakfast is laid out as follows: 

The selection, including hot water, sugar, tea...

...various cookies...


...and some type of cereal. Milk is typically set out hours prior to eating, which admittedly is a bit repulsive at first. Sometimes our host mother will make us pound cake as well, but for the most part breakfast is limited.  

Lunch and dinner usually (although not always) consist of two courses and a dessert. In restaurants, bread and a beverage are also included. Photos of other meals to come soon.

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