Friday, December 7, 2012

Trip to Paris

To be fair Paris was a bit of a spontaneous venture--I purchased tickets a mere seven days prior to my departure. In the end, my three friends and I hopped a flight to the city of love for five days of unabashed tourism. We ate French, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and supermarket food; walked the entire city of Paris in a span of six hours; helped a lost Malaysian woman find her way to her hotel; learned a bit of French; and somehow managed to avoid being robbed, cheated, or beaten (that we know of). Anyway, below is the photo diary:

 Notre Dame 

The Lock Bridge--where one can purchase, write on, and leave behind a lock to symbolize an everlasting romantic relationship, friendship, etc.

View from inside and outside of the Louvre Museum

Scene from the Christmas markets, which had opened in Paris just before we arrived

Arc de Triomphe at sunset

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